Sound Triggered Sheep?

So what would it take to implement a Winamp/xmms "milkdrop" type plugin for Electric Sheep?  Is it doable?

Under the current structure,

Under the current structure, no it's not doable.

That's not saying we couldnt do it with some new structure.

First of all we cannot generate sheep in realtime, this would have to be pre-recorded video that is either chosen dynamically or in advance with some audio analysis.

Milkdrop does monitor the audio in realtime and generates soem raster images.  There are two ways to go about this, eithe r similar to milkdrop we do realtime audio monitoring and then where it would display rastered images we can select from short video clips.  Or we could potentially read the song in advance and develop a script of video clips to play.

It's an enormous undertaking.

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