Vista Sidebar Gadget

I have always thought that if would be cool to have a window for your electric sheep on the sidebar.


Is it possible for someone to make a sidebar gadget that displays your sheep in a window on the sidebar? That would bo cool!

Can ES become an active desktop?

I still want to manipulate the .scr file into an active desktop. Is it possible that someone would be able to do a little research into this topic?

definitely possible on OS X

Not sure about Windows, but on OS X I use a widget in my dashboard called WallSaver that applies my screensaver as a wallpaper. Needless to say people are geeked out when they walk in and see Sheep on my Desktop. They think it would be distracting, but I've never had a problem with it. I imagine a similar widget is available for Windows?

Sheep on the desktop

Great idea! check this out though a sidebar would be great... I really think that if there is a way to make ES run as an active desktop would be dizzying!! Just think a desktop that you never get board of, and the added benifit that Windows and other OS's work in conjunction with ES in the backround. Others would say "How do you get anything done with that desktop hypnotizing you?"

Really ES doesn't seem to use alot of recourses withing my hardware so I wonder what code play the programmers would have to do that gets ES to be an Active Desktop that would be awsome.

I love the s*** out of this .scr

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