New Sheep Packs

Download, unzip, and copy to your content/mpeg folder (on XP look in C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ElectricSheep, or on Win7 C:\ProgramData\ElectricSheep, and on Mac ~/Library/Application Support/Electric Sheep, and on Linux in ~/.electricsheep).  Note that on Mac that Library folder is in your home directory but is hidden, see this article for how to get to it.

If you want to install a bunch of packs (more than 2GB total) you should first increase the cache size under the settings control panel, or make it unlimited.

On Windows, that's in a hidden folder, you may have to go to "View" under the "Folder Options" menu and check the "Show Hidden Files and Folders" box. You can go there directly from configuration/settings window by clicking to the advanced tab, and then click "opening this folder", and put them in "mpeg".

yes subfolders should

yes subfolders should work.

you are welcome.


Windows 7 - junctions

watz up


folder not on mac

i downloaded a sheep pac and cant find the folder  "~/Library/Application Support/ElectricSheep/content"

electric sheep is not in the application support folder anywhere

i have mac os x 10.7.3

what do i do ??


Invisible User Library Folder

In the Finder, click on Go in the Apple Menu Bar. While holding it open, click the Option key. The Library should become visible in the window. Select it and it should open.


Thank you so much !!!

Thank you so much !!!

Your Welcome : )

Your Welcome : )

My SSD boot drive is almost full, HELP?

Move your data folder to

Move your data folder to another drive.

ES plays AVI?

So, just downloaded 9gigs of sheep that are all .mpg ... Anyway to make that download time not fruitless? Is there a way to make ES play .mpg files? Or have I wasted time and space on my PC? Thanks.

where did you get them? we

where did you get them? we switched to avi a long time ago.

.mpeg Sheep

I did get mine a long time ago for the Mac 2.6.9 Version, I believe, from your web site. Is there any way to use them?

Also do the Sheep have to be in the "content" folder now?

~/Application Support/ElectricSheep/content ?

no mpeg is not supported

no mpeg is not supported anymore, sorry.

yes, they go in content/mpeg folder (the name didn't change).

I'm pretty sure I got them

I'm pretty sure I got them from I think it gave me the choice between .avi , .ogg , and .mpg. It was supposed to be the 720p sheeps.

i didn't put it there, it's

i didn't put it there, it's not ours.  please use the link above.

Domo Arigato, Mr. Spot-o :D

Domo Arigato, Mr. Spot-o :D

Flock of One :(

When I downloaded electric sheep it only came with one sheep...

I tried to download more, but everytime I go to download more sheep packs it comes up with an error (usually connection failed). How can I get more sheep?

- Lonely Shepherd

if you are patient it should

if you are patient it should download more automatically.

Login fails

I haven't been able to log in to my account from within Electric Sheep. I'm using the correct username and password... I can log into my account via the web site just fine, but every time I try logging in via the ES preferences / Account pane (I'm running the Mac version), I get "login failed."

Anyone have suggestions?



you don't need to login, it

you don't need to login, it should work fine without it.

logging in is for the upcoming subscription system.

OK , great. Thanks for the

OK , great. Thanks for the clarification.


how to

how do i install new screen savers that i just downloaded that are avi clip?


sheep megapack in ubuntu?

Linux newb here, but I'm having a heck of a time getting sheep to the right place in my ubuntu karmic koala 9.10. I downloaded a megapack (after the terminal gave me a lot of lip about not being able to resolve hosts).. but am still not quite sure where to unzip it.

The linux file directory system is pretty alien to me, but after tinkering around it says I have 2 different folders named "electricsheep"...   one in  /usr/share   and another in /usr/share/doc/ either case, trying to extract the .zip with my sheep into that folder yields an error message saying I don't have the right permission to extract archives in that folder. What the heck. I just want some eye candy! Any help appreciated...

Linux folder

It's a hidden folder within your home folder.

Open your home folder in Nautilus (the file manager) and press Ctrl+H to show hidden files. The one you want is .electricsheep (the initial dot is important - it marks the folder as hidden).

Thanks for the quick reply. I

Thanks for the quick reply. I found a hidden folder called .sheep, so I gleefully plugged all my sheepish .avi's into it, but it appears that still no sheep are running. There weren't any folders called .electricsheep in the home folder at all...

if the folder is called

if the folder is called ".sheep" then you have an obsolete version of electricsheep.

This may sound like a stupid

This may sound like a stupid question, but have you installed the electricsheep program ? One of the first things it does is to create the .electricsheep folder.

version 2.6.8

According to my Ubuntu Software Center, it's installed and the version is ""...     which I suppose is older than the current listed version 2.7b11, but I'm not sure it should matter? It is appearing in my screensaver list, but when I preview it (or wait for it to start) it's still just a blank screen. I'll remove the program, but can you please help me install it from source? The steps listed at are not very newbie friendly, and I'm still very green to the shell and all. Thank you in advance!

yea it matters -- that's the

yea it matters -- that's the problem.


Found electricsheep 2.7b30 from    but don't know what to do with the archive I downloaded. I used to think I could just treat it like Windows, unzip and run .exe, but I've since learned that's not the case. So what do I do with it..? Thanks again...

please ask about the linux

please ask about the linux client on that topic, not here.  sorry, it's not as easy because we have a new version that hasn't been adopted by the distros yet.

sheep pack wont work

hi i just downloaded ES and now i want to put the sheep packs in ES and i put it in the mpeg folder as told but then when i run ES its says that i got no sheeps downloaded and makes a new folder in the mepg folder called mpeg and starts downloading form the first again.. i got like 4 gb of new sheeps from the sheep packs..


i got win vista.. sorry..

did you unzip the packs and

did you unzip the packs and put the contents into the mpeg folder?

did you change any settings?


yes they are unzip and put in to the mpeg folder.. but then when i start ES it creates a new folder in the mpeg folder called mpeg..


and i set the settings to no max...


Windows 7 64 bit running Electric Sheep

I was able to get electric sheep to work well on Windows 7 64 bit by adjusting the settings for electric sheep under the settings window -by checking the DirectDraw menu option and everything works great now. It seems to be that some switchable graphic cards in some laptops and computers are not yet up to par on the new settings standard.

Downloading, not sure where to extract?

Hi, I just got electric sheep like...5 minutes ago, lol. I just now learned that to get new sheep faster, you download packs, well right now I'm downloading 3 packs for a total of about 3gb or so, and I just now realized that I have NO IDEA where to extract them :-/ I saw the instructions above, but it skipped a generation(from XP-7, no vista), and well, I run vista, so I the instructions were waaaaay too vague for me to find any use for them. Later I saw something about hidden files on vista, so I went and checked show hidden files and folders. Still nothing new. I can't seem to find this content/Mpeg or whatever folder that I'm supposed to extract to. Help please? Thank you.

In Windows, you can go there

In Windows, you can go there directly from configuration/settings window by clicking to the advanced tab, and then click "opening this folder", and put them in "mpeg".

Figured it out!

I figured it out, just had to copy the destination in the Electric Sheep login window, and paste it into the "Run" program :) Apparently I am unable to see it, but it's there. Even when I check "show hidden files & folders" it doesnt show up though :-/ So: To all Windows VISTA users, here's what to do to extract these: 1- make a folder in your documents titles "Sheep" 2- pick the package of sheep you want to download 3- Hit open on the popup you get 4- Set the destination to the Sheep folder you just created 5- Wait for DL to finish 6- Hit close on the download window, and go to the sheep folder. You'll see a long list of .AVI files. 7- Open up Electric Sheep / Log in / Go to advanced / Copy the destination you see in the bar that has Browse... 8- Go to Start(bottom left corner) 9- type "Run" in the search bar, and hit enter 10- Paste the destination that you just copied earlier from Electric Sheep, into the Run bar 11- Hit enter 12- Now you should have the Electric Sheep/Contents/Mpeg open. 13- highlight all of the .AVI files in your "Sheep" folder 14- right click and hit copy 15- Go to the Mpeg folder 16- Right click and hit paste 17- Close all windows All done!!! That's the only way I can get it to work, you MAY be able to use the other button next to "Browse" in Electric Sheep to open the folder easier, but I know I cant :-/ Either way, that's the only way to gain access to the MPEG folder on Vista

OMG... that's a lot.

I think I might just let it run itself untill it makes its own sheep. I'm not so sure I'll get that figured out right. After all, the first time I downloaded electric sheep, I didn't download any packs. Since I was satisfied waiting it out last time, then I can wait this time and be satisfied too. That just seems like a little more than I really wanna deal with. I just wanna have the screensaver. lol... thanks for sharing that info though. If I get frustrated I might just come back and do it. :)

yea actually you don't have

yea that is not the best way to do it.  if you just turn on show hidden files you can just copy them in, you don't have to change any settings.

my screensaver

i just downloaded ES, everything works fine, but when i press (crtl-f) to go to full screensaver, it wont open, like there's a quick black flash, and then nothing, or it closes out of ES. how can i make this work? I use windows 7.

Try the instructions about

Try the instructions about monitor number etc.

thank you

thank you i got it now

sheep packs

these sheep packs work on the latest version? (2.7)



Zip file error

Hi, I recently got a new computer and wanted to start with lots of ES on the screen saver, so I downloaded electric sheep pack 3, but whenever I try to unzip it, it comes up with an error message saying "Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive. If you downloaded this, try downloading again." So I did, but it came up with the same problem. Do I have to download all of the sheep packs?

Zip file error

I have the same problem, same message. I installed Electric Sheep yesterday

I just checked pack3 and it

I just checked pack3 and it was fine. Make sure when you download it you get the whole thing, it's 564,076,850 bytes long.


Ahhh thanks, I checked and it was only a fifth of the file size. I've now reinstalled it and its working fine, thankyou!

Getting more sheep

Just found ES today and I love it! It combines to of my favorite things: fractals and genetic algorithms. However, i wanted to get more sheep and spent an hour trying to figure out how they are archived and thought I would share.

As previously noted, the packs referred to by the link at the top are actually for generation 243 but are still good.

If you want to get more sheep of the current generation (244) go to the Archive main page and search for electricsheep. Each of these archives contains a set of sheep described by the archive names which look like: electricsheep-flock-244-XXXXX-Y. The XXXXX tells you the range of sheep contained archive. They are broken up in to chunks of 2500. The Y means that only sheep that end in that digit appear in the archive. So electricsheep-flock-244-17500-2 contains sheep 17500-19999 that end in 2. In the archive you can see the individual sheep listed like this: 00244=17562=12081=11050.avi where 17562 is the sheep number (still no clue what the last two numbers mean). You can download the sheep individually using the link under the Cinepak column. However, the site does not provide a way to download all of them. For that I used Firefox's DownloadThemAll! add-on.

I've noticed that there is an archive named electricsheep-flock-244 that contains most, but not all the the sheep available from the 0-2500 range. These overlap with sheep in the electricsheep-flock-0-Y archives.

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