Switching between flocks

If you have sheep from different flocks will the ES switch between flocks while running and if so how?

no the old sheep are

no the old sheep are incompatible.

Does you mean that flock 243

Does you mean that flock 243 and 244 aren't compatible? If so, that's a shame, because I have thousands of flock 243, and It would be a shame if they no loger work.


those are fine, i meant the

those are fine, i meant the flocks from version 2.6 (202 and less) are incompatible.

it doesn't transition directly between flocks but when it picks a new starting point it goes for the least recently played sheep which could be in either flock.

How often does it find a new starting point

I have almost the entire flocks 243 and 244 (at least all that are available for download).  Therefore, I should have an awful lot of edges in both flocks. Given this, would it ever need to pick a new starting point? It seems like, wherever it is, there should be some edge for it to travel to get from its current loop to another loop. Would this mean that it would switch flocks only extremely rarely? Given that my computer has been on for a week or two running the screensaver, and that I dowloaded all of 243 from archive.org, do you have any idea of how often it would pick a new starting point and switch flocks?

I'm confused

I'm confused now. From what I read in this forum, ES v2.7 doesn't play MPEG sheep files from ES v2.6. Did that behavior change?

On the issue old sheep look inferior when mixing with new sheep, I think I still enjoy low resolution old sheep, just like I still enjoy to my old MP3s along with high quality MP4s, OGGs. Are you with me?

Okay, that's what I was

Okay, that's what I was wondering about. Thanks.


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