Drupal Authentication Name & Password

What is Drupal Authentication? Where do I find my :Name  and my:Password?

Drupal login credentials

I just created an account about 5 min's ago and am now trying to log in via the Drupal authentication screen. Is there a lag between account setup / verification and first time log in? Do I just put in my user name and pw in the section marked by a box here? http://screencast.com/t/N2NiZmMwZTM tnx.

drupal authentication

ya the forums login doesnt work for the drupal authentication for me either


It works for me, though. You sure you capitalization right and everything?

it's just the same login as

it's just the same login as these forums.  they're talking about the screensaver settings in windows

So when WILL authentication come up?

Frustrated. Can't log in to Drupal, using same ID as forum, etc. Is that still correct? What's going on?

Sorry I don't understand your

Sorry I don't understand your question.  What are you trying to do?

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