What is: "Survivors: median cut=1337"

What does that mean ?


When I go to download status and error log (press F2) it says Survivors: median cut=1337

in the 2nd line (below local flock) [now 1337 changed to 1544]


Also I'm still awaiting an answer on this: http://electricsheep.org/node/4240 "electris sheep doesn't render"

the "median cut" is

the "median cut" is documented here: http://code.google.com/p/electricsheep/wiki/ConfigFileSettings

basically, the client keeps track of how many times each sheep is played and avoids playing those that are played the most.  the "cut" tells you how many are playable.

i answered your other question and added it to the FAQ since that one comes up a lot here on the forums.

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