Making animation movies with fr0st!

Hello everybody,I`m quite new here,I`m not a programmer,I just liked the concept of doing that kind of animation,in fact I `m a professional musician and would like to make some videos for my music and make multimedia performance after.So you can immagine my level of experience with this software.I have a fr0st installed on my comp and i have some flames done which are morphed by and I have some realy good basic stuff which I like.I see the final result in the right corner animation window but I can`t find a script or a way to rend this and do the video I want,Please if anybody could help me and give some simple not-needed-to-be-a-programmer advice.I see that many people have the same problem but most of the resolutions are for apophysis,and I can not understand them quite well!Thank you in advance!!

You need to uncheck the

You need to uncheck the preview only box in the morph_sequence script, this will give you a new file with one flame for each animation frame.

Render everything, then stitch it together using any video processing program (e.g. mencoder, ffmpeg)


Hope that's clear enough!

I'm not entirely sure I

I'm not entirely sure I understand, but is it related to this?

Using electric sheep for music visualization


No man,I don`t mean that!I

No man,I don`t mean that!I don`t need visualization like the one on winamp or win media player!I need to rend the genomes and flames I have in real time as avi or whatever so I can use theese clips!I need a render which makes videos from all theese freaky triangles!That`s all!

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