Thanks for ruining an amazing monitor.

I was out of the country for two weeks on business while keeping my computer running as a business server. Well, over the course of those two weeks your "Screensaver" burned the white letters of ...


This version is closing

please upgrade now

thank you


... permanently into my monitor (as far as I can tell after cycling through on/off cycles). You might want to make what is now stationary text move slightly around the screen (this includes the "Error Connecting to Server" text I get on my MacBook Pro) so that it still works as a screensaver.

i apologize for any damage. 

i apologize for any damage.  i should have made the message appear in random places in different sheep.  this software was never about literally "saving" the screen, it's all about "flaming", but it really shouldn't contradict its stated purpose.  i don't think screens can really burn in anymore, but i guess it's possible for some.  it might fade after a while.  and yes, we'll fix the new version so the text moves.  i'm really sorry.

i expunged all the sheep with

i expunged all the sheep with the message so it should be removed from everyone's screen.  i'll reprogram it right now.

I'm using version 2.6.6 since

I'm using version 2.6.6 since all my sheep were downloaded with this version. I am also getting this message randomly appearing on the screen. Is there a way for me to disable it, or is there a version of ES that I can download/install that will enable me to run my existing sheep (flock 202) without seeing this horrific message continually appear?

The message is in specific

The message is in specific sheep only. If you delete those sheep, then you won't see the message.

But really, the new versions are way better, what's holding you back? Generation 244 has passed 10GB, and I am sure 243 was at least that big.

I'm trying to understand how

I'm trying to understand how it could be in specific sheep... These are sheep I've had for months and months (56gb worth), and they never had this message in them before... I DO use the new version and have sheep from those flocks as well, but I use 2.6.6 at work because it's the biggest flock I have. Also, I like my client at work to "flow" nicely and having a LOT of sheep helps (like I do with my flock 202). Also, how would I go about finding the videos that DO have a message in them, IF I even have videos that have an image in them?... It's not like I have a folder with a few videos... I have thousands and thousands of sheep :(...

Look at the last ones

Look at the last ones downloaded. The message was put into the sheep right before the server was shut off.

I don't know about this

I don't know about this theory... The last videos I have are all dated December 2009 and I don't see a single video that has this message... You sure it's not something in the software or in a file of some kind that tells the message to appear randomly? If I can't find it, I guess I'll just have to live with it.

The message that this thread

The message that this thread is about is in the sheep. There was another message that was displayed in overlay. It's stored in the XML file that lists the sheep from the server. If you delete that, then it would go away.

I found all the ghey videos.

I found all the ghey videos. The only ones I could delete are the ones that have no sheep in them. The rest of these stupid videos have the text over top of the beautiful sheep. Not sure why anyone would want to destroy perfect sheep with stupid messages like that. Probably the same team of people that who don't archive entire flocks for preservation purposes :P. Thanks for helping me figure out where these were spot :)

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